Requirements for registration:

The research topic of eligible PhD candidates should be located in the domains of behavioral and brain sciences. To apply as a full member, PhD students

  • complete an application form,
  • send in an Immatrikulationsbestätigung of the University of Bern,
  • hand in a copy of their Master Degree,
  • send an application letter including their motivation to become a member of the Doctoral Program,
  • and send their curriculum vitae and a confirmation from their PhD supervisor.

When research fits the scope of the Doctoral Program, and the documentation is complete, the PhD student can become a member of the Doctoral Program. After becoming a member, the PhD student will receive a confirmation which includes a listing of the thesis committee assigned to the PhD student member.


Requirements when PhD students are registered:

Registered PhD students should make sure they acquire at least 14 ECTS credits by following courses of the doctoral program, a summer school, external courses, and through conference presentations. Please find more info about how to receive ECTS credits here.

Further, by the end of each year, PhD students should write an annual report, in which they reflect on their research progress, and describe their aims for the next year and their output (presentations and publications). PhD students can use the annual report template  for this. The annual report has to be sent to Lea Waldis by email by mid-January.