Upcoming Summer School

Summer School 2018

Perspectives on Human Memory: Memory Functioning and Memory Failures

We are very glad to announce that the Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning, and Memory is organizing a Summer School from Monday June 11 – Thursday June 14, 2018. This Summer School is jointly financed by the University of Bern and the Jacobs Foundation Zurich. Here you find the flyer with details about this Summer School.

After four successful and inspiring summer schools in 2014-2017, we are now happy to organize our fifth summer school. The theme of this Summer School is: Perspectives on Human Memory: Memory Functioning and Memory Failures’.

We have invited four internationally recognized experts in the field of Cognition, Learning, and Memory to be our keynote speakers. They will present their research on memory functioning and memory failures.

Our keynote speakers (and the topics of their talks) are:

  • Prof. Dr. Patricia Bauer, Emory University, USA.
    Topics: Developing a personal past: Remembering and forgetting & Entries in semantic memory: No-trial learning
  • Prof. Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews, University of Toronto, Canada.
    Topics: Remembering one’s personal past: The impact of medial temporal lobe damage on autobiographical memory & How to light up your hippocampus without any memory at all
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Verhaeghen, Georgia Tech, USA.
    Topics: Working memory may just keep on working in old age & Prime and prejudice: Why we’re all a little bit racist
  • Prof. Dr. Geoff Ward, University of Essex, UK.
    Topics: The relationship between free recall and serial recall: A new benchmark finding in Working Memory & Towards augmented human memory: retrieval practice and retrieval-induced forgetting of autobiographical memories in an end of day review

PhD students who do research in the field of Psychology, Medicine, and Education (and related fields) are invited to apply. Participation in this Summer School requires active participation in scientific discussions, peer-review sessions, PhD-research presentations, and networking activities. For successful completion of the Summer School, participants receive 3 ECTS.

The registration fee is CHF 680, and includes accommodation and meals. Of this fee, CHF 580 is waived for PhD student members of the Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning and Memory. We also do have travel grants for international PhD students (covering travel costs and the Summer School costs), please see the information below.

Register before March 31, 2018 by filling out this registration form. You can then send the registration form to Jenny Gehriger by email.

Dates: Monday June 11 – Thursday June 14, 2018
Venue: Seminar-Hotel Rigi, Seestrasse 55/57, 6353 Weggis, Switzerland


Organization and Contact Information

This summer school is organized by the Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning and Memory.
Prof. Dr. Claudia Roebers (chair graduate school)
Dr. Mariëtte van Loon (coordinator graduate school)
Jenny Gehriger (secretary graduate school)

For information and questions about registration, contact Jenny Gehriger by email.


Travel Grants to attend the CCLM Summer School 2018

We are pleased to announce that, with support from the Jacobs Foundation, we can give out eight travel grants to international PhD students who are attending the Summer School 2018 ‘Perspectives on Human Memory: Memory Functioning and Memory Failures’ of the Swiss Graduate School for Learning, Memory, and Cognition. This travel grant will cover the travel to and from Weggis, Switzerland (airplane and/or train tickets), accommodation in Seminar Hotel Rigi, and participation in the Summer School course program.

Applications are invited from PhD students who do research related to the Summer School topic in the field of Psychology, Medicine, and Education (and other related fields). To apply for the international travel grant, please send us:

  • A letter of motivation (including a brief summary of research interests and a description of how attending the Summer School would impact your research)
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • The registration form

The application deadline is March 31, 2018. You will then receive information about your application in the second week of April, 2018. Travel grant applications can be sent by email to Jenny Gehriger.