Call for Applications: International Travel Grant for PhD Students for a Short Stay at a Foreign Research Group

The Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning, and Memory has the possibility to give out international travel grants covering a stay at a foreign research group. We invite PhD students who are member of the SGS-CLM graduate school to apply for a travel grant. This travel grant covers a short stay (1-3 months) abroad. Through these travel grants, the SGS-CLM wishes to support their members to receive training related to their PhD-topic and to stimulate building an international network. With use of this travel grant, PhD students can visit this research group in order to work on their research publications, to start a collaborative research project, or to work on a research grant proposal. This travel grant covers travel and accommodation expenses (the PhD student her/himself is responsible for other costs, e.g., food).  


  • The research stay has to take place outside Switzerland, and in another country than the country of origin of the participant.
  • The research stay should last between 1 and 3 months.
  • The research stay should take place in 2017 or 2018.
  • The research stay has to be with a foreign researcher/research group.
  • The research stay has to be relevant for the PhD research of the applicant and should be explicitly targeted at the training of the PhD student.
  • The PhD student should be a full member of the SGS-CLM graduate school. PhD students who completed/plan to complete their PhD in 2017 are also invited to apply for the travel grant, for example to prepare for a post-doc stay/application.
  • Participation in training events (such as participating in courses, summer schools, conferences, workshops) are advantageous, but not a necessity.
  • The PhD student should have a confirmation from the supervisor recommending this research stay.
  • The PhD student should prove with a confirmation from the foreign research group that he/she will be accepted for a short stay.
  • The PhD student should write a follow-up report within two months after the short stay abroad.

How to submit an application:

PhD students who apply for the travel grant should write an application (estimation: approximately 750 words) describing:

  • Information about the foreign research group.
  • Length of the proposed stay and the dates.
  • The aim of the research stay.
  • Activities the applicant plans to do during your stay, including a preliminary schedule/program of the research stay.
  • Expected benefits for the research project.
  • Estimated travel costs, costs of accommodation, and extra costs (e.g., conference fees).
  • The applicant should attach a confirmation from the PhD supervisor and a letter or email showing the acceptance of the foreign research group.

There is no deadline and applications will be reviewed continuously. Applications can be submitted by email to Mariëtte van Loon,