Language editing

We have a language editing service available to our graduate school members who are working on a manuscript for publication. Before sending a manuscript to a journal (it can be a new manuscript or a revision), members of the doctoral program can submit their complete manuscripts for language editing. The editing is meant to help you to improve the readability, writing style, and clarity of your manuscript. Using the language editing service may improve your chances to publish a manuscript.

Because language editing is not about content it is important that the content of your manuscript is solid before you send it in for language editing. Your manuscripts need to be written in the APA style (or in the style that is recommended by the journal you plan to submit your manuscript to) and it should be ready for and close to submission to a journal. You can also send in a manuscript that already has been submitted and needs revisions; these revisions will have priority.

When you are planning to send in a manuscript please contact Lea about this and send her the manuscript. When the manuscript meets the standards regarding content and style it can be forwarded to a language editing service. Please keep in mind that it takes approx. 2 weeks before you receive the edited manuscript back.

When sending in a manuscript for the language editing service please also send a confirmation from your supervisor (e.g. a short email) in which your supervisor states that he or she has approved the content of the manuscript.