Upcoming courses

Spring Semester 2018

Graduate School Colloquium: Retention and Memory

On Tuesday May 15 and Wednesday May 16, 2018, we are organizing a Graduate School colloquium on Human Retention and Memory. For this colloquium, we invited Prof. Dr. Gabriel Radvansky from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. Prof. Radvansky is the author of the book “Human Memory” and has been an associate editor for various peer-reviewed journals in the field of psychology.
On Tuesday May 15 (12:30 – 14:00, Room 002, Fabrikstrasse 2e), Prof. Radvansky will give a talk with the topic “A New Look at Retention and Memory”. Click here for the abstract.
On Wednesday May 16 (16.15-17.00, Room B 202, Fabrikstrasse 8), we organize an interactive Q&A session. We will discuss questions about human memory processes and questions and ideas about the writing and publication process with Prof. Radvansky. After the Q&A session, all attendants are welcome to join us for an Apèro in Caffè da Bosco (Fabrikstrasse 8, 3rd floor).
The topic of this colloquium is closely connected to the topic of our Summer School 2018 "Perspectives on Human Memory: Memory Functioning and Memory Failures". Summer school attendants are recommended to attend this colloquium as preparation for the Summer School. All Graduate School members and others who may be interested are also very much invited to attend the colloquium. 
If you are planning to attend this colloquium please register before May 1 by sending an email to Jenny Gehriger (jenny.gehriger@psy.unibe.ch).

Course: Multivariate Pattern Analysis

In February 2018, we organize a course on Multivariate Pattern Analysis, this course is co-organized by Laura Kress and Else Schneider. The course will be taught by Dr. Martin Hebart (National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, USA) and Kai Görgen (Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Berlin), and takes place on 15-16 February 2018. Students can register in KSL, registration will open in November 2017. For more information, click here

Course: Scientific Writing

We will again have a Scientific Writing Course that will be taught by Prof. Rob Kail from Purdue University. Our last two writing courses were very popular and evaluations were highly positive. Therefore, we invited Prof. Dr. Rob Kail to teach this course again. The course takes place from January 22-25, 2018. Registration for this course will open in November 2017. 

Course: Statistics with R.

We will have a course on Statistics with R, on January 18-19 and on February 1-2 2018. This course is co-organized by Niamh Oeri and will be taught by Dr. Boris Mayer and Andrew Ellis (both from the University of Bern). Students can register in KSL, registration will open in November 2017. For more information, click here.