Titleimage: Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning, and Memory

More than a century of psychological, neurological, physiological, and biological research on human memory and learning has produced a tremendous amount of different methodological approaches, detailed insights into learning and memory, and various models of learning and information processing. The Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning, and Memory aims at integrating researchers and their Ph.D. students working on these issues in Switzerland. The Graduate School is partially financed by the Jacobs Foundation (Zürich) with Claudia M. Roebers as Chair and Mariëtte van Loon as Coordinator.


Summer School 2017

With the overall topic of «Cognitive Control and Consciousness: Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms” the Graduate School`s 2017 four days summer school integrated experimental, neuroscientific, developmental, social and clinical psychology perspectives. 24 Ph.D. students coming from 10 different countries benefited from the scientific program and enjoyed some leisure time activities.